Fun-Loving Elephant Calf Refuses To Go To Sleep

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While adults are willing to do anything for a good night’s sleep, children are less enthusiastic about going to bed earlier, so they try to postpone the moment as much as possible. It turns out that not only human toddlers, but also baby animals, refuse to go to bed.

An adorable elephant calf recently took the Internet by storm with her extremely cute way of protesting when her caregivers announced it was bedtime. The incident occurred at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenyan baby elephant rescue organization, and it quickly went viral after the group shared it online.

Kinyei, a baby elephant, attempting to persuade her caretaker that it is time for playtime, not bedtime. However, the patient’s caregiver is not impressed!

The group wrote in the video description, “Kinyei is simply not ready to go to sleep. She’s had her evening milk bottles, her best friends are already tucked in next door, the Nursery is quieting down all around her… But this outgoing young lady saw an opening to defy bedtime — and she climbed right through it!”

Kinyei, as the orphanage explained, has a fascinating life story. Three years ago, a driver spotted the baby elephant approaching a group of lions and saved her just in time.

“She was all alone, and she would have made very easy prey as soon as the lions felt compelled,” Sheldrick Trust wrote. “Thank goodness, fate intervened, and little Kinyei now brightens our days.”

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