‘Genetically compromised’ baby born to brother and sister parents dies hours after birth

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A baby born to an incestuous couple died just hours of his birth in hospital due to being severely genetically compromised.

The boy is said to have had numerous birth defects because his parents were brother and sister.

Footage taken in the hospital in Dustlik, Uzbekistan, shows the tiny tot crying in an incubator as a nurse wiped the dry, scaly skin on his bottom.

Uzbek Ministry of Health said the baby was born on June 4 with “severe congenital ichthyosis”, as well as other birth defects it described as “life-threatening”.

Ichthyosis congenita is an inherited skin disorder characterised by generalised, abnormally red, dry, and rough skin with large coarse and fine white scales.

The newborn was placed in an incubator but sadly passed away (stock image) (


Getty Images/iStockphoto)

His mother, born in 1994, was 35 weeks and four days pregnant when she gave birth to the boy who was 47 centimetres (18.5 inches) tall, according to the Uzbek Health Ministry on June 28.

The boy was her second child, the first was born to a previous husband, and the pregnancy was normal, added the Ministry.

Despite the doctors’ best efforts to revive him, the newborn died just two hours and 10 minutes after he came into the world.

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