Grizzly Bear ‘Super Mom’ Gives Birth To Her 17th Cub Despite Her Old Age

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A grizzly bear super mom who found fame for showing off her cubs to tourists at the roadside has given birth to her 17th baby.

The wild grizzly who lives in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming is still producing cubs, even at her grand age of 24 years old.

A grizzly bear super mum famous for showing tourists her cubs at the roadside has given birth to her 17th baby despite her old age

In the wild, grizzlies only live long past 26 years, but that hasn’t stopped this super mom from birthing a litter of four cubs.

In itself, four cubs in a single litter for a grizzly bear is pretty rare, before even considering the grizzly’s age.

In the wild grizzly bear sows don't live long past 26 years, but 24-year-old Bear 399 has just produced a new litter

Known as Grizzly 399, she became famous for being often visible at roadsides with her family which led to social media accounts being created in her name.

It is believed that the ‘super-mom’ learned to use the busy roads to avoid males who have been known to kill young bear cubs.

Even more remarkably she has had four cubs, which itself is extremely rare as bears on average only have two or three.

This technique clearly paid off for Grizzly 399 who has officially become the most successful documented grizzly mother of all time.

These stunning photos were taken by Kate and Adam Rice. Speaking on them, Adam said:

399 is famous at her home in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA, for being visible at roadsides with her family

“We weren’t sure if she would have cubs again in her advanced age, let alone four, which is extremely rare.”

“We were shocked when we heard the news that she had four cubs, it seemed like her way of proving us wrong.”

The tactic has paid off for 399 who has become one of the most successful documented grizzly parents in history

Kate is a photographer at the park and says she has fallen in love with bears altogether.

“She often grazes in meadows near the road, which provides an excellent opportunity for people to get a little glimpse into the life of a wild bear.”

She said despite 399's love of places near people she was still very much a wild bear and shouldn't be approached, especially with her cubs

“Female bears in national parks will often raise their cubs near the roadside as it is thought they use people for protection from dangers such as male grizzlies who threaten the cubs.”

Kate and Adam, who are originally from Minnesota, live fulltime in their own van home so they can be close to the animals and park they love so much

Grizzly 399’s first headline appearance was in 2011 when she and her then five-year-old daughter both began to raise cubs in the same area.

This is believed to be a first of its kind behavior as the daughter adopted one of 399’s cubs and raised it successfully herself.

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