He Put A Sick Old Dog In The Pool To Heal The Pain

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You are about to meet Kane, an incredible husky and his very devoted pet parent. One day, Kane’s hind legs got stuck. He is very old, too old for surgery and it hurts. Unfortunately, painkillers have only been effective to a limited extent. Instead of giving up on his beloved best friend, Kane’s father decided to try something new.

He found that swimming with Kane was the only thing that really helped. Many owners find hydrotherapy to be a very effective treatment for pets that have recovered from surgery, elderly pets with arthritis or movement disorders, or pets with paralysis. In the pool, Kane became weightless and did not feel any pain-causing pressure on his hind legs. It was a great relief for Kane’s family to find out that he wasn’t in pain while swimming.

Too often, the owner gives up the dog because he is no longer a puppy. Older dogs require more patience than the average puppy. So when I see a family like Kane showing the love and respect they deserve, my heart melts.

See how kind and considerate Dad is to Kane. And the best? Only a few days after the poolside therapy session, Kane recovered. Sometimes he got up and walked alone.

“I don’t know how long Kane will stay here, but as long as he stays, I’ll make sure he’s as comfortable as possible,” says Daddy. “He tells me how grateful it is every day!”
is a great video. If all dogs, especially older dogs, were treated very carefully and compassionately. Share this video with your friends on Facebook!

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