Heartbreaking Moment When A Sad and Upset Dog Goes To His Owner’s Funeral To Say The Last Goodbye

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A dog moved everyone at a funeral to tears when he recognized his owner in the coffin and said goodbye to her. The daughter of the deceased, shared two videos that touch everyone’s soul.


The loyalty of dogs goes beyond life, they are recognized as “man’s best friend” because they truly show us that they are capable of offering us unconditional friendship.

Those of us who have created a special bond with a dog know that even though they cannot express themselves verbally as we do, they know how to show their love, protect us and give us their sincere affection.

A dog who came to his owner’s funeral to say goodbye to her touched not only those who witnessed the scene but also thousands of people around the world who have seen the video that spread on the networks.

In the recording you can see how the pitbull dog says goodbye to the person he loved the most by resting his paws on the coffin, the only thing that mattered to him was to say goodbye.

The animal was saddened, in his eyes you could see the sadness that overwhelmed his heart because he knew that his owner unfortunately would not return home, they lived in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

When the dog arrived at the place where the funeral was taking place, he was initially disconcerted, he sniffed the flowers and looked around at the people he already knew. He looked from one side to the other, seeming anxious and hoping to find someone he missed.


Until finally, he stood up to look at the person inside the coffin and that’s how he recognized his owner.



The man accompanying him said, “There’s your grandma, have you seen her yet?”.


In a short time, the video that was posted on social networks reached millions of views and comments from those who were touched by the reaction of the dog who did not miss the opportunity to say goodbye to the grandmother.

Many people have expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased woman and have stressed that pets also suffer and do not deserve to be underestimated.

Dogs are just another member of the family, and this pit bull made it clear that they really care about the ones they love.


Nalleli Herrera is the daughter of Ruby, the deceased woman, and she paid tribute to her by sharing a video on her TikTok profile with a compilation of images of her remembering the moments they lived as a family.




“It hurts in my soul, but I let you go little mother, with all the pain in my heart. Thank you for so much love to each of your children and grandchildren.



Thank you for so many beautiful experiences by our side, mommy. Thank you for being our little mother”, with this message accompanied the publication.


He ended by thanking her for everything she did to see her children happy and said that he will remember her as the best mother in the world.

The video of the dog at Nalleli’s mother’s funeral, accompanied by the song “Yo te extrañaré”, by Tercer Cielo, has moved millions of people.

Those commenting on the video agree that dogs are noble souls, and that we are very fortunate to have them as life companions, even in the worst moments, they offer us love and comfort.

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