Heartbroken Mama Horse Who Lost Her Baby Melts 26m Hearts Online After ‘adopting’ Orphaned Foal

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Heartbroken Mama Horse Who Lost Her Baby Melts 26m Hearts Online After ‘adopting’ Orphaned Foal

Heartbroken Mama Horse Who Lost Her Baby Melts 26m Hearts Online After ‘adopting’ Orphaned Foal

What we experience as humans, animals experience those too. And just like us, horses are also inseparable from their children, especially after birth. Sadly, though, birthing complications can also happen in animals. And when their child passes at birth, animals like horses also feel the grief, sadness, and emptiness that humans experience when faced with similar situations.

It would be heartbreaking for their owners to witness how these grieving mother horses would keep looking for their young ones not knowing and understanding what happened. They would look depressed when they finally realized that they had lost them.

Queen Uniek, a Friesian horse in The Netherlands, was expecting her first child. And the moment she went into labor, she immediately knew that something was wrong. She showed signs of anxiety by flaming her lips and strutting in circles inside her stable.

Yvonne, her owner, stood beside her trying to calm her down knowing that this would be difficult for Uniek.

When Uniek gave birth an hour later the veterinarians who assisted pulled out a foal and sadly, it was no longer breathing. They did their best to revive the foal, but nothing could be done to bring it back to life. Sadly, the foal didn’t make it. It would only be a matter of time before Uniek would realize this.

Everyone was gone but Yvonne stayed behind to comfort Uniek…

The heartbroken mare kept licking her foal, trying to revive him, but that still didn’t work. They took the foal out of her stable while Yvonne was still trying to comfort the grieving mother horse. Even with no words, she knew Uniek was in a lot of pain.

As if the heavens heard the silent cries of this grieving mother horse, Yvonne and the rest of the Friesian Horses staff received wonderful news.

Yvonne’s friend called, telling her that they had an orphaned foal in their care. Yvonne wasn’t sure how receptive Uniek would be to another horse’s foal after just losing her own, but she thought that it might help the poor horse heal her broken heart.

So they loaded the foal in a van and brought it to their farm. Yvonne wanted to see if Uniek would show any signs of willingness to take the foal for her own. The barn was waiting, every one filled with hope.

Yvonne slowly brought the foal closer to Uniek…

They want to make sure that Uniek and the orphaned foal will be introduced slowly. The first few interactions were very uncertain. Uniek sniffed the foal, and the foal did the same. Then she did a little dance and at that point, everyone could tell that she was happy seeing the foal.

Talking with The Dodo, Yvonne said, “It was a very special moment. I never thought this would happen. We knew instantly that Queen Uniek accepted Rising Star.”

Since their first introduction, Queen Uniek has never left Rising Star’s side. Then the very next day, they found Uniek and the foal inside their stable, which is a very good sign that the mother is finally adopting this foal.

Uniek became very protective over her adopted foal. Wherever he went, she would follow him. Rising Star felt the same way with his new mother. Thankfully, these two found each other, a mother who lost her baby, and a son who lost her mother.

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