Heartbroken Owner Offers $10K Reward After 11 Dogs Were Stolen from Her Home

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Heartbroken Owner Offers $10K Reward After 11 Dogs Were Stolen from Her Home

Jeanine Nesvik loves animals, especially dogs. What touches her heart more are the “problem” dogs, those that no one else seems to want to deal with because they are too difficult to train. Besides her own four pets, her home has become a safe place for dogs with medical and behavioral problems.

Apparently, some people have even thrown their pets over the fence and dumped them in her yard. She has tried to help them all.

While she was at work on March 23, she was unaware of a burglary that was happening her Chandler, Arizona, home. They climbed the back fence of her house and made their way into her home and stole 11 of her dogs.

After learning about the incident, Nesvik was heartbroken and confused about why it happened. The burglars stole her four pets, as well as seven foster dogs that were in need of help as they are suffering from medical problems.

Talking to KSAV-TV, she said, “I don’t have enemies. I don’t know who would do this. Somebody physically came into my home and took dogs. They took it upon themselves to just decide what they were going to take from me, and no way about it, it’s not right.”

She wanted all her dogs back. So in exchange for the safe return, she is offering a $10,000 reward.

She said, “Some of them my dogs, some them medical dogs, fosters that are waiting to be cleared for adoption that is on medication that now isn’t getting their medication. A lot of dogs taken and I need to know that they’re OK. I need somebody that knows something.”

Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue, a rescue group Nesvik works with shared her predicament on their page. They wrote:

“On Wednesday afternoon, March 23rd, someone broke into her residence in Chandler (major cross streets are Alma School and Warner) and stole 11 of her beloved dogs, both personal and fosters. They were loaded into a white van and taken down Arrowhead Street. We have absolutely no idea why this happened. This animal advocate loves and cares for every dog she takes in.

“Most of the dogs she had were long-term medical cases or had behavior problems. Some were slated for euthanasia and she was their last chance of hopefully finding a forever home. Some of them were dropped on her doorstep or put over her fence.

They knew she would try to help them, so she became known as the dumping ground with a heart. Through no fault of her own, she ended up with a lot of dogs nobody would take, but she loved each one with her whole heart. ”

Not all of her dogs were stolen. Some were left behind. Those who live close to Nesvik believe that the dogs that were kidnapped were those that the thieves thought they could sell for money.

Photographs of the stolen dogs have been posted on social media sites in the hopes that someone will come across them and bring them back, or maybe, report the thieves to the authorities.

In a recent update, four of the stolen dogs were found at a dog park and was safely returned to Nesvik…

Still, 7 are still missing. If you happen to have any information concerning this case, do not hesitate to contact the Chandler Police Department or the Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue.

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