Helpless Elephant Mother’s Cries, Leads Locals To Save Her Trapped Baby

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There is no doubt that elephants are among the smartest animals on earth as they are emotional and sociable. In Thailand, a mama elephant was caught on camera trying to help her elephant calf, who fell in a concrete hole!

It was a hard mission to be done by the mama alone, so, she started crying asking for help! Thankfully, some people heard the cries and went to figure out what was wrong with the elephant! Fortunately for the mama elephant, the people directly realized that she needed an immediate help!

Thankfully, the people were able to turn the power off, which also saved the mama, who was so close to an electrical fence! They were then led by the mama to her calf, who was trapped helplessly!

After being for hours in a mud hole, the calf elephant was helped by the people, who were able to dig around the hole to free it! Thankfully, it was a successful hard mission! Eventually, the calf returned back to his mama, who was more than happy at that moment! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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