Heroic Horse Runs Back Into Fires To Save Its Family

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Animals are just as overly protective of their families as people are. The way this black Stallion responds in a dire circumstance, though, defies belief.

Several devastating wildfires in California last month burned through thousands of acres of land. There has been a complete mess caused by the large number of animals fleeing for their lives, including several horses. Soon, dozens of compassionate individuals arrived to assist the animals trapped in the impacted area.

Those present could not believe their eyes when one of the horses that had already been rescued ran back into the fires to guide another two trapped horses, a female and a young foul, to safety. The dramatic scenes were captured on film.

While the fire destroyed everything in its path, all of the horses were rescued and saved except one, a 28-year-old Mayer. Unfortunately, she had to be put down after breaking both of her front legs while running.

Watch the dramatic moment here:

California experienced chaos as a result of the ‘Easy Fire,’ according to CBS Los Angeles. Approximately 30,000 people had to leave the impacted areas. The Ventura County Fire Department reports that over a thousand firefighters have valiantly battled to put out the fire.

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