Homeless Man’s Birthday Party For His Dogs Caught On Camera And Video Changes His Life

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Homeless Man’s Birthday Party For His Dogs Caught On Camera And Video Changes His Life

For the homeless, they make do of whatever they have in life. Many of them strive to get out of the homelessness situation, but it’s never easy. They say that once you’re down, it would be difficult to stand back up and have a better life. And for a lot of homeless individuals, what keeps them company and gives them a sense of belongingness in this cruel world are their pets.

Some of them have dogs, not only as their protector, but also as their loyal companion. They think of their pets as their home, especially when they’re alone.

One of them is this man named Choco and his two dogs. They don’t live in a house where they can get warm and cozy, but they are a family. They are always spotted at the Bucaramanga, Colombia park. And one day, Choco did something that caught the attention of a passerby.

The video taken of Choco and his dogs touched the hearts of millions of people all across the world.

In the video, they seemed to be in the middle of a doggie birthday party. Choco was spotted by a passerby singing “Happy Birthday” to his two dogs ‘Shaggy’ and ‘Nena’ who were both adorable in their birthday hats.

After singing, Choco gave them some birthday hugs and pets each one of them before pulling out a small cake he bought for them to share. He even lit some candles for the cake. He blew out the candles and gave them each a kiss. Using a plastic knife, he cut a slice of the birthday cake for each dog, and then another one for himself.

After noticing what’s happening with these three, a stranger started taking a video of the doggie birthday party. He can also see that amid the celebration, Choco shed a few tears. That’s when he realized that Choco and his dogs are homeless. He also learned that Choco had been living on the streets for years after leaving an abusive home situation.

While homeless, Choco met these two dogs, Shaggy and Nena, who were also homeless like he is. They became his family. Even though they don’t have a home, Choco always makes sure to take care of his dogs as best as he can.

The stranger offered Choco some help. When he agreed, the stranger posted the video online and asked people for donations to give to this small family. All he asked for was food, supplies, and money to help get Choco back on his feet.

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen that video and this brought a lot of attention to these three. People started visiting the park to bring their dogs to play with Shaggy and Nena, and also to offer Choco some help.

Someone gave Choco a phone which he used to start an Instagram account. Choco and his dogs now have more than 187,000 followers!

He’s been using the platform to merchandise like shirts. Part of the money that he earns from the sales are donated to efforts that help stop animal abuse. Choco hopes that one day he will be able to open an animal shelter and also pursue a career in music.

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