Homeless Three-Legged Dog Is Brought To A Pet Store By A Man Who Buys Him Everything He Touches

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In just a few days, King the three-legged dog went from being homeless to being spoiled, happy, and adopted, all thanks to Youtube celebrity Rocky Kanaka. King hasn’t had the best of luck in life; he was abandoned by his previous owner, was hit by a car, and had to have a limb amputated. Despite these awful experiences, King was still able to be a joyful and affectionate dog. He only required a kind family to adopt and adore him.

In order to help King, Kanaka went him to a Petco store where he bought him everything he touched. He then released the footage on his YouTube channel in the hopes that it would help King find a forever home. King was ecstatic while the film was being made because it was the first time he had seen so many toys and treats together. Although he wasn’t very interested in toys, he touched a number of delectable delicacies, and when the shopping trip was nearing to a conclusion, he even stroked a costly cat tower. Kanaka pledged to buy anything he touched, thus King also received the tower.

King was adopted by a compassionate and loving woman as a result of the video’s over 1.9 million views (see the video here). The shopping spree video, which you can view at the end of the article, is well worth watching even though it lasts a bit more than 10 minutes. Please feel free to check out Kanaka’s YouTube channel and Instagram account if you want to see more of his work.

King the dog recently experienced one of his best days ever thanks to Rocky Kanaka. King was left behind by his former owners. Even worse, he was struck by a car and had to have his leg amputated. King just wants to be adopted by a loving family.

Kanaka took him at Petco. And promised to buy anything King touched. The dog touched a lot of delicious doggy treats and wasn’t too interested in toys. He touched an expensive cat tower towards the end of the shopping spree. As promised, Kanaka bought it too. Thanks to the video’s popularity, King got adopted and now has a loving Mom.

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