Injured Dog Jumps Into An Ambulance Knowing She Needs The Help They Can Give

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Injured Dog Jumps Into An Ambulance Knowing She Needs The Help They Can Give

Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited responded to a call about an injured dog hiding in the brush. The pooch had a big wound around her neck was crying as if calling out for help. It’s a stray dog and as expected, it is afraid of human interaction and touch. The pooch refused to allow them to pick her up and instead.

But what she did next was truly heartbreaking…

When the rescuers finally lured her out of the bush and they led her to the ambulance. They probably thought that getting her in the vehicle is going to be a challenge. But instead, she leaped right into the ambulance on her own as soon as the door was open. She probably knew why the rescuers were there. The trust that she automatically gives these strangers is just amazing.

As soon as the pooch was safe in the vehicle, they were able to transport her back to the hospital. There, she was completely cleaned and her huge wound was taken care of. Her huge gash was thoroughly cleaned and treated. While she gets the medical attention that she needs, she also received more love from the people who care so much about her.

All she needed now was plenty of rest, great food, and lots of love and care, which she knows these people are going to give her.

They thought that she was already out of the woods, but in the fourth week, she fell ill. But her rescuers didn’t give up on her. They continue to provide the medical attention that she needs with loads of love and affection. She needed all the love in order to recover more quickly, and this was given to her with no problem.

Later on, her rescuers named her “Aatifa” which is in Arabic means “affection.” The name suits her well since it is what she lives for.

After she recovered successfully, the once scared and pained dog is gone. She now transformed into a happy and contented pooch that loves to play around with other dogs and her humans. Her rescuers believe that she was abandoned because of her docked tail.

Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited, Aatifa is now enjoying a different life.

Animal Aid Unlimited explained on their website: “When our founders started AAU, they had no idea how vast the problems facing animals were. We grew over the years in an effort to meet as many challenges as we could. Today we rescue thousands of animals every year and we use their stories and our work to inspire and engage both the local community and people around the world.”

AAU rescue street animals, offer medical care and a safe haven for them. They also work with the community to put compassion into action on their behalf. They strive to combine on-the-ground, emergency relief for suffering animals with prevention in order to secure long-term protection for all creatures on the planet.

Anyone can volunteer with AAU to directly help take care of the 700 animals at their shelter, or adopt one of their rescues. You can also sponsor an animal in the sanctuary, memorialize your beloved pet or leave a legacy for Animal Aid in your will. you can also become a monthly donor for support that helps us plan for the future.

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