Left Tied Up Outside His Family’s House Under The Torrential Rains, Wrapping In His Own Body To Protect Himself

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This situation occurred in Mexico City, where fortunately the canine will now have a better future. “What pride to have rescued this dog yesterday and today to have him calm, loving and happy,” said one of the rescuers.


No animal should be subjected to cruel treatment; however, this is often the reality for many domestic furry companions who must unfairly endure the aggression and poor living conditions that their irresponsible owners force upon them.


That was the case with a puppy in Mexico City, who was always tied outside his family’s house, no matter how hard it rained. In fact, it was captured on video during a torrential downpour with hail, and the canine was wrapping himself in his own body to protect himself.

His owners didn’t seem to mind how cold it was or what he had to put up with out there. However, a neighbor recorded the video and shared it on his Twitter account in order to make the claim and hope that some authority would intervene.




“Once again I want to report to my neighbors that no matter the rain or the hail, they leave Leo outside. Animal Care Agency, please help him, Mayor Gustavo A. Madero , ” commented the user identified as @JC Real__ .




This is how the official of the Animal Surveillance Brigade, Lety Varela , reported that her Twitter account had proceeded with the rest with the rescue of the canine. “Comrades from the Animal Surveillance Brigade of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City, we dialogued and convinced . The dog was already rescued from the horrible conditions he was in, and he is now being monitored and cared for by our doctors. “Enough with the animal cruelty,” she wrote.





“Together we change stories. What pride to have rescued this dog yesterday and today to have him calm , loving and happy . Thanks to all my colleagues from the Animal Surveillance Brigade for his dedication and effort, ”he added in another publication , where you can see the radical change that this puppy underwent, who will now have a better future.



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