Little Boy Refused To Leave Stray Dog Who Was Hit By A Car Until Help Arrives

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Hüseyin el-Hasan, an 8-year-old refugee from Syr!a did not keep a stray dog, who got hit by a vehicle in K!ll!s, Turkey, walking, when he saw it. The boy, who did not also turn away from the dog, comforted it until the help arrived.

The sweet boy took a blanket from his home to cover the dog to keep it warm. The help was called by a passerby, who stayed with Hüseyin trying to help him too.

Fortunately, the dog was then taken to a local veterinary clinic by some animal care workers. Unfortunately, it was too late for the dog as it did not survive! But at least it saw some kindness before its de@th.

Cuma Özdemir, the city’s deputy mayor, visited the boy to praise his effort and gave his family gifts of blankets and food. Thanks to Hüseyin, who was able to show the dog the kindness of humanity before its de@th.

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