Little Boy Shed Tears When He Finally Afford A Horse After Two Years Selling Lemonades

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Many people who are part of our community are probably involved in the story of the boy in the video below, who dreams of buying a horse. Our childhood is related to many of the desires and things we want, but usually there is one desire or dream that is better than everything else. This is more lasting than all the other desires we have.

As I said before, many of you would have dreamed of owning a horse from a young age. Unfortunately, as you know, buying and raising horses isn’t that cheap, many families can’t afford it, and sometimes it’s impossible to buy or adopt horses for their children I think. The little boy in the video below is one of those kids, or at least he was.

Learn more about its history. Sabastian Lucas from Queensland, Australia, said he wanted a horse for his parents. He was so serious about that effort that he created his own lemonade label to cover his costs.

So he sold lemonade and iced tea to his friends and family for two years. He saved his Christmas bonuses, the Tooth Fairy allowance, and all the other types of grants he received in the hope of helping him approach his goals.

In his two years, the little Sabastian was able to raise $ 3,000. So, as promised, his parents bought a white Wales mountain pony named Tomboy. Many other children would have insisted on buying horses, complaining to their parents that their wishes would not come true, but that is not the case for Sabastian.

He was mature enough to understand that his parents couldn’t afford him, so he had to do something himself to fulfill his wishes. He really inspires me. I wish him the best. Show this story to many children who may be in his position. I’m sure many of them will help us understand that we can always find an alternative way to get what they want.

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