Lost Dog Walks 50 Miles To Her Previous Home In Missouri, Leaves Owners Speechless

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They say that if you really love somebody, you will find your way to find them. And this is exactly what happened to this 4-year-old Labrador dog who went missing. A lot of dog goes missing each day, and many of them have not been found by their owners.

Well, not for this dog because she sure knows how to find his way home!

Cleo is a 4-year-old Labrador. When she went missing, she surely made his caretakers sick. But Cleo proved that she can go home on his own. However, Cleo was 50-miles away from his Missouri home. Drew, Cleo’s caretaker moved from Olathe, Kansas to Missouri two years ago. And she didn’t even think that his missing dog would be able to find his way back to their old home.

According to CNN, Drew posted on Facebook that their dog was missing. They worried about him and they were hoping that someone would be able to point them to his direction. The old home in Missouri already has new occupants. And when they returned home from work one day, they were shocked to find a Labrador sitting on their porch. It was Cleo!

Cleo didn’t mind them and just stayed there looking like she’s waiting for someone. The new homeowner, Colton Michael said, “My wife and I had just gotten home from work. Cleo was laying on the front porch at the front door, just laying there, waiting for somebody it seemed like.”

When they took a closer look at Cleo, they realized that she was wearing a collar. She surely didn’t look like a stray. She was well-groomed and appeared to belong to someone else. But Cleo wouldn’t let them near her. According to Michael, she must have been scared after seeing strangers who are now living in “her home.”

Michael wanted to bring Cleo back to her owner. So he decided to scan her for a microchip, and thankfully, she had one. He was able to get the name of Cleo’s owner. But then the name sounded familiar. That’s when Michael’s wife made the connection.

Michael said That’s when my wife pointed out that their last name was the same last name as the previous owner of the house.”

The pair started to search for the old home owner’s name on Facebook. This is when they found out that Drew and his family were posting about their missing dog online. So Michael contacted them and informed them that they have Cleo. Michael shared, “I told him that we found his dog, but once I told him where we were, he was kind of speechless.”

“It just feels really good to be reunited with her. Really, she’s everything to us,” Drew said.

It is believed that Cleo have traveled at least 57 miles from her current Kansas home to her old home in Missouri. When Drew learned that Cleo made this long journey, he was definitely shocked and scared for her as well. It was too dangerous for her to walk her way back to Missouri.

Drew knew that she would have had to cross a river, walk along a bridge, and deal with the bustling traffic just to get back to their old home.

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