Loyal Dog Clings On Ambulance Back, To Follow His Owner To The Hospital

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When Anderson Bahi saw an ambulance on the side of the road on night, he was driving home from work. When he took a closer look, he knew that a man, who was out with his dog, had fallen ill on the sidewalk!

So, the paramedics decided to take the man to the hospital as his condition was crucial! However, the loyal dog refused to leave her owner as she also jumped onto the back of the ambulance for a ride.

The little puppy also refused to leave the hospital door even when her owner was taken inside as she just wanted to make sure that he would be fine! Anyway, Maria Lúcia Muniz, an animal rescuer, heard about the dog and went to the hospital in hopes that she would be able to take the loyal partner home for the night, but she also refused!

Thankfully, the owner was given the permission to leave the hospital after just 45 mins! He was taken home along with his dog by his family who showed up. How loyal!

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