Loyal Dog Stands In Traffic To Guard Over Dead Friend’s Body Hoping To Save Her Life

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This is one of the most moving images of friendship that we’ve ever seen.


A male dog in Zhangzhou, China, was photographed standing guard over his female companion after she was killed by a car, according to the New York Daily Mail.



To stay by his friend’s side, the male dog braved oncoming traffic. Witnesses would occasionally see the dog nudge the female’s body, as if trying to wake her up. For more than 6 hours, the faithful companion stood guard.




“He stayed by her side all day, licking her and pushing her, trying to wake her up. It’s very moving “He told the news organization. “He then pushed her with his head while licking her face. I even saw some tears.”

Local butcher Xiao Wu told the Daily News that he frequently saw the two stray dogs playing together.


When the accident happened, Xiao said he saw the male dog running around and trying to hold you on its front legs. It is known that the bitch appeared on the street a few weeks ago because she got lost. It was fed by brother Xiao .


A week later the male dog appeared. Anh Xiao added: “The two dogs often play together very happily. They always cling to each other and never leave”.

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