Loyal Dog Who Refuses To Leave The Side Of A Friend Who Was Hitten By A Passing Car

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These images capture the moment when a loyal dog refuses to leave the side of a friend who was beaten and k!!lled by a car.

Two dogs were seen running across the Shilonghua South Bridge in Dongguan, a city in Guangdong Province, southern China, at about 7 am when it was hit by a passing car and d!ed at the scene.

Images from a busy bridge show a poor dog lying still in the middle of the road. Otherwise, there are blood stains where the black asphalt was struck. After that, hundreds of drivers saw his friend barking and barking next to the de@d dog’s carcass, trying to wake him up.

A pass-by driver took a photo during a morning traffic jam and uploaded it to a social media site like Twitter in China, Weibo, where it was shared thousands of times.

Apparently, none of the drivers had time to stop, they just manoeuvred around the two dogs and continued on their way to work. The loyal dog had been with a friend for quite some time, but a street cleaner finally arrived to remove the dead animal carcass and take the second puppy away so that it wouldn’t been hit by the car.

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