Mama Dog Saves Her Puppies By Leading Rescuers To Them

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The Northeast Animal Rescue organization received a complaint about a stray female dog seen walking near an overpass. People in the community would occasionally see her standing by the side of the road, hoping to give her some food.

When they found her, the people who came to her aid quickly realized she was a breastfeeding mother. The rescue operation was expanded from saving a single dog to saving all of the owner’s puppies.

The mother dog was nervous, but she knew there were people there to help, so she chose to lead the rescuers to her puppies. They pursued her until they came across a culvert pipe with pups hiding inside. When the mother was finally able to get help for her five children, she wiggled her tail with relief because she realized they were safe for the first time in their lives.

The mother entered the pipe, and those attempting to save her and her puppies expected her to bring them out on her own, but she instead turned around and walked back toward them. Will, one of the people who came to the rescue, was able to crawl into the pipe and carefully grab all five puppies. There were two boys and three girls.

They returned the mother dog and her puppies to the rescue group, where they were fed and kept warm. They decided that the mother dog should be named Sierra. Sierra was praised by the rescue organization for being a “responsible and competent mother.”

They named the new puppies Holly, Willow, Magnolia, Alder, and Parker. Sierra has ensured the safety of all of her puppies.

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