Man Goes Outside And Discovers That The Entire Bear Family Has Sneaked Into His Car

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You might think that finding yourself in the middle of the woods will make you safe from a gang of thieves, but you are wrong. It’s clear you haven’t heard of the cutest little car-thieves and their main mother yet. Chad Morris and his family were vacationing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, happily enjoying life in country cottage out in a lush nature. It was when a bunch of mean kidnappers got into their car.


Morris was hanging inside a family-rented hut when his parents urgently called him out. When he went outside, he saw the whole bear family trying to break into the car. Morris certainly didn’t expect to face a family of adorable, furry bears. He was in awe of the boys crawling in the car one after another until all three little teddies were inside.


The cubs were obviously having fun, rolling around and inspecting the inside of the car.

Looking at the back seat and sticking his head out the open window, one sat comfortably in the driver’s seat.

Morris and his family could hardly believe the scene unfolding before their eyes.

It has a distinctly surreal feel, but they were able to at least shake off the shock and immortalize the event by snapping some hilarious photos.

The mother bear was nearby, lovingly watching over her frolicking cubs – no doubt instilling them in a life of crime and fast cars.

After having fun, the cubs decided to go out and break into another car on the driveway.

Unfortunately, their carjacking skills were not very well developed and could not be penetrated through all the windows of this car. Damn it!

The adorable family then decided to try their luck elsewhere, and happily wandered through the woods.

At that point, Morris and his family were finally able to go to his car and look for internal damage.

Still, the car holds up surprisingly well, with just a few minor bites and scratches.

Morris was lucky, but he may not be so lucky next time. Then, petty criminals may have finally learned how to plug in and drive cars. You better put those windows up, Morris!

This story makes us all cringe.

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