Man Perform CPR On Lifeless Stray Puppy And Refuses To Give Up Until Dog Is Breathing Again

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Pet owners should learn first aid methods, just in case to help their pets, when they are in trouble. This is the story of a man who perform CPR on a dog when it got choked by food.

A pet shop owner in the Turkish Black sea province of Rize ran into big trouble while recently feeding a stray dog. The good-hearted man was happily feeding a stray dog until the dog stopped breathing. Unfortunately, food was choked on the stray puppies.

The stray puppy was choked and stopped breathing. The Pet shop owner was yelling for help. Luckily, a Turkish man named, Omer Yilmaz was passing the pet shop when he heard the owner’s calls for help.

After hearing his voice, Omer quickly came into action and helped to save the puppy life. He quickly find out that the puppy was choking on a piece of meat that the pet store owner had been feeding him.

At first, he tried to dislodge the small piece of sausage from the dog’s mouth. After successfully doing that, Omer started to rub the dog’s chest.

Omer moves the dog to a position suitable for performing CPR then he started to perform CPR on the puppy continuously until it started to breathe normally. His immediate action saves the poor puppy life.

With the heroic action of Omer, a dog life was saved. Omer immediately came into action with his first aid training skills without panicking and controlling the situation and the life of a four-legged friend was saved.

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