Man Puts His Car Up For Sale To Save His Dog’s Life

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True love knows no bounds, and when this pet-parent realized he had to choose between his pup and his car, the decision was simple.

Randy Etter first noticed something was wrong with his pup Gemini when the pup became drowsy and began following him around.

Etter became concerned for his pup’s life when Gemini began vomiting.

Etter rushed Gemini to the vet, but the source of Gemini’s distress was difficult to determine.

The vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Gemini, but Etter wasn’t going down without a fight. Gemini was his best friend, and he would go to any length to help him.

Etter was so obsessed with finding a vet who could treat Gemini that he lost his job while frantically visiting vet after vet.

Despite multiple vet visits, no one could figure out what was wrong with Etter’s sweet pup.

“[I]t just seemed like I wasn’t going to get anywhere or get him the help he required in time.” It was one of the most terrifying things I had to deal with.” Etter informed the Dodo.

The source of Gemini’s pain and distress was eventually discovered; a small object was lodged in his intestines.

Etter’s girlfriend’s baby girl had entertained the dog by tossing her bottle to him.

Etter had been diligent about quickly removing the bottle whenever the baby threw it to the pup, but Gemini had apparently gained access to the bottle without Etter’s knowledge and swallowed a portion of the bottle’s top.

Gemini needed surgery because the bottle piece had caused a blockage.


The surgery cost $4,500, which was far more than Etter had at the money.

Etter, on the other hand, was not about to let his best friend die. Etter explained his situation and listed his car for sale in a heartfelt Facebook post.


He hoped that the proceeds from the sale of his car would allow him to save the dog he adored, and he hoped that someone would be willing to buy it.

However, thanks to a beautiful act of human kindness, Etter was able to avoid having to sell his car.

First, Etters’ friend stepped in and offered him a loan of $2,000.00. The S.O.A.R. Initiative (whose “focus is on securing the human-animal bond and improving access to veterinary care and human services for those who are typically underserved”) then assisted in raising $3000 for Gemini’s surgery.

Gemini made it through the surgery without incident and was soon back in his pet-loving father’s arms.

Etter didn’t lose the pup he loves so much because of the kindness and generosity of everyone who donated money to help Gemini.

Learn more about the S.O.A.R. Initiative and their efforts to help people and their pets.

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