Man Shoots Dog In The Face For Always Being Too Happy

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Many people would get dogs not only for protection but also for companionship. They are loyal and loving. They will always be your best friend if you know how to treat them right. They are naturally joyful and playful creatures. This is why they are amazing.

It is still a shock to why other pet owners can hurt their dogs.

A 7-month-old in Greece was found by some hikers tied to a tree and was obviously left to die. The poor pooch had been shot in the face. Sadly, it was his owner who did it. According to the pet owner, the dog was always “too happy” and it annoyed him. He has a shotgun so he decided that this would be the answer to his “problem.”

Good thing the hikers found him. They quickly got Ice to Save A Greek Stray but they are not sure if the pooch would even make it. He was in really bad shape. The wound on his face was huge and it needed immediate care. Ice would need surgeries to reconstruct his face.

But despite it all, he kept his spirits up. Even though he was in great pain and was severely injured, he was still a happy pup. Between surgeries, he would run around and just be himself.

Ice had a nasty infection from his wound. Once the infection was under control, he had to undergo many surgeries to try to reconstruct his face. The medical team who helped Ice used skin grafts on his face. The dog remained in the shelter for a long time until his recovery is complete. Even though he was all ready for adoption, nobody wanted him.

Many are bothered by his appearance. Ice’s photo was taken and he would be brought to events hoping one day that someone out there would be willing to adopt him. He was all over the news and he became very popular, but nobody still wanted to take him home.

Until one family heard about Ice!

They knew that they needed to have him. After one year, Ice finally found his forever home. Now, Ice is living in the U.K. with his new family. They would never hurt him and would only love him unconditionally. He now lives with his mom and dad and a sibling. He still poses for pictures, but now with his new family. Ice was finally happy again.

Anywhere in the world, animal abuse is a huge problem. This is one of the reasons why many dogs prefer to live in the streets. Some of them are lucky to be rescued, while others have lived on their own and try to survive with scraps.

This is why you always have to remember that before you take a dog home, know that it comes with great responsibilities. If you cannot stand the fact that they can be too playful at times, you have to choose a dog that would fit your lifestyle.

It is important that before you adopt a dog, do your research. Let the internet educate you about the different dog breeds because there are plenty to choose from. To avoid having to deal with problems with extra playful and energetic dogs, find the one that would be perfect for you.

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