Man Slams His Dog To The Floor Because The Vet Bill Was Too High

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Man Throws Pet Dog On The Floor And Stomps It Only Because Vet Bill Was Too High For Him!

If you are a pet owner, you know too well that you have a huge responsibility. In fact, some pet owners say that if you have a pet, it’s just like having a small child under your care. This is why before you decide to own a pet, think about it hundreds of times and gauge whether you are are ready for the responsibility or not.

Aside from providing shelter and basic needs like food and water, you also have to make sure that your pet is healthy. There will be times when you need to bring your pet to the vet especially when they get sick. And going to a vet is also the same as going to a human doctor – you need to pay and buy medicines or spend for the needed surgery.

If you think you are not prepared for all this, then maybe you are not ready to be a pet owner.

You need to have an understanding of the responsibilities of having a pet because you might end up to be in a cruel situation like what happened in China.

A dog owner in China threw his pet in an animal hospital after he was fed up with taking care of it. A video became viral on Chinese social media platforms before it was picked up by the foreign press. The said video elicited strong responses and reactions from the public.

The footage was from an animal hospital in Fuyang, Anhui, China. In the video, the vet was carrying a dog in his hand. The pooch looks weak and it was visibly sick. In fact, it did not even make a move while it was being carried to be placed in a pen. In the background can be seen as the dog owner who was with a little girl who is probably his daughter.

Out of the blue, the man snatches the black pooch from the vet. It seemed like the vet was also shocked by the owner’s reaction. Then all of a sudden, the man slams the dog to the floor with so much force that the dog bounced from the impact. It then limped and moved to the ide of a table.

But the owner did not stop there. He proceeded to stomp the poor dog to the ground on the head and body. He did it not once, but twice.

According to resources, the reason for the man’s outrage was the $70 bill for the dogs’ medical treatment. The man lost his cool and decided to punish the dog instead.

The video did not have any audio but it can be seen that the dog is struggling from the cruelty inflicted by its owner. The man could’ve done more if not for the intervention of the little girl who pushed and shoved him away from the dog. The girl even kicks the man and forcing him to stop. The girl was able to stop the man, but she might be too late.

When the video went viral, the vet was under attack. The people criticized him for not doing anything. The man who kicked the dog was the one who inflicted the cruelty against the animal, but seeing the vet just standing there and not doing anything was clearly a poor representation for his profession.

It could be seen that the vet did gesture at the man as if asking why he did it, but the damage is done.

Since there are no rules protecting pet animals in China, the man will most likely go unpunished for the cruelty that he did to the poor dog.

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