Man Stays At Shelter Until Depressed Dog Is Adopted

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Every shelter is doing everything they can to find forever homes for animals that are under their care. Some people use social media to make this possible while others are bringing them to pet stores hoping that someone would want to re-home them. But not all animals will have a chance for a forever home.

Queen is one of them.

This 3-year-old terrier mix is not lucky enough to be adopted. It was difficult to find a home and a family who would take her in and give her a second chance in life. Queen was a dumpster-rescue in Kansas. She was then taken to the Great Plains SPCA.

since then, she has been looking for her forever home. Sadly, nobody seems to be interested to take her home. Queen is a lonely dog until this kind-hearted man stepped in to help.

Scott Poore manages a clothing brand called Mission Driven Goods for adoption awareness. He is the type of person who would do everything that he can just to help neglected and homeless animals. He is an animal lover and he is a regular visitor at the said shelter in Kansas City.

He is also familiar with all of the animals at the Great Plains SPCA. Among the animals in the shelter, one of them stole his heart – Queen.

The moment he heard about Queen and how hard it was to find a good home for her, Scott knew that he had to do something to help. Queen seemed to be losing hope in finding her forever home.

When he met her, he was shocked. Most of the time when a dog is difficult to rehome, it is expected for the dog to have unfavorable characteristics. But not Queen! She is very sweet and affectionate. According to him, Queen is friendly, gentle, and just a ball of energy. This is why he promised to do everything that he can to find her the best family. He refused to let her lose hope.

According to the shelter, Queen is earned the title, ‘longest-running resident.’ She has been staying at the shelter for 400 days. When Scott decided to take charge, he noticed that Queen changed in a positive way. You might wonder what changed? Well, Scott decided to move in with Queen!

Scott moved right into her 10 X 7 kennel and this made him an instant celebrity overnight.

The reason why he moved in with the dog is that he is hoping to help Queen get the attention to make it easier for her to be adopted. It has been difficult for him to manage his work while living at the shelter, but he said that if this is the only option to find a home for Queen, he will not hesitate to do it.

He posted a picture of them on his Facebook page and wrote: “I have been visiting Queen every single day for over a year now and I can visibly see her giving up. She used to get so excited when I would arrive and now she just lays in her bed and looks up at me.

I sit in her room and all she does is look out of her window, in hopes to make eye contact with her hero. ”

Scott updated his Mission Driven post on September 25th saying that Queen was finally adopted!

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