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When Destiny, Tania Mackee’s mare, gave birth to her second pair of twin foals, she was astounded, according to Tania Mackee of GFS Sporthorses. After giving birth to her first pair of twins, GFS Shockwave and GFS Aftershock, in 2018, Destiny astonished the world in February by giving birth to her second set of twins, Pesky and Peakaboo.

The likelihood of Destiny, an Irish Sport Horse, giving birth to twins is 10,000 to 1. When the horse gave birth to her second pair of twins, she continued to defy the odds. The likelihood of a horse producing twins twice is one million to one.

In most circumstances, horses do not have a good survival rate for twins. Because there is a substantial chance of both the mother and the twins dying during or soon after delivery, twin pregnancies usually result in the abortion of one embryo. Because she gave birth to healthy twins twice, Destiny is truly remarkable.
Identical colts made up Destiny’s first set of twins, while a colt and a filly made up her second set. The scans from the second set came as a huge shock since they only showed one follicle that was ovulating and one fetus after conception.

If Tania had realized the horse was expecting two foals, she would have taken the extra safety measures needed to manage a pregnant mare with twins.
When Destiny’s owners arrived, they were surprised because she had not shown any symptoms of being pregnant with twins during her pregnancy. Surprisingly, the twins quickly stood up, feeding, and were anxious to see the rest of the world.

Whoopsie and Peekaboo have demonstrated a strong affinity from birth. The duo is quick, athletic, and nimble, and they are eager to impress everybody watching, according to GFS Sporthorses.

It is extremely amazing what Destiny has accomplished by giving birth to two sets of healthy, flourishing twins. Tania has shown to be a good mother, but she has no plans to breed Destiny again.

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