Matted Dog Has Been Staring At Cars For 2 Years In The Hopes That Her Owner Will Return

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No animal should ever be abandoned, but that is exactly what happened to this undersized dog. Her proprietor died, leaving her alone in a rundown house with a locked door. That was more than two years ago. Day after day, the devoted pet dog, who is currently in desperate need of grooming, awaits her owner’s return.


Pet rescuers were eventually contacted after learning about a neighbor’s dog named Boksil. The sight of the tiny puppy made her sad. Every day, she prepares a meal for her. It began to rain as soon as the rescuers arrived. They were devastated by the puppy’s inadequacy. They couldn’t approach her because she was hidden behind a barrier.


The woman from down the street came over as the rain began to fall. The rescuers assumed that Boksil was her pet, but she explained what had happened. The pet dog is also extremely nervous, making her capture nearly impossible. The lady told the rescuers that she could only help her from a distance. Boksil is not going to let her get any closer.


The rescuers wished to find a way to capture Boksil. She was desperate for a second chance as well as a new place to live. They set up a camera from a distance and watched how Boksil left the house. She climbs out and finds a way to get to the food and water. Fortunately, she can eat.


They watch as Boksil crawls under eviction after a few attacks and some water. They can currently contact her if she agrees to let them. Boksil walks over to the road, her heavy matted hair trailing behind her, and sits down. It’s a truly heartbreaking situation to witness. She watches as each vehicle passes, hoping that one of them will stop and her proprietor will return home.


Recognizing that this was impossible, the rescuers devised a plan to save her the next day. They arrive, but as soon as Boksil hears them, she bolts up the nearby hill. This pet had been abandoned numerous times before, and this was not going to be one of them! The rescuers are on her tail, determined to apprehend her and change her life. Please watch the video clip below to find out what happens next. It’s too good to pass up!


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