Meet “Augie,” The 20-Year-Old Dog That Recently Broke The Record For The Oldest Golden Retriever

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Recently, this lovely good-girl celebrated a significant birthday. The senior golden retriever celebrated her 20th birthday by eating a carrot cake that was suitable for dogs and spending time with her family, which included her pet parents and other golden retrievers. But August’s birthday wasn’t simply a momentous deal for her and her family—by turning 20, she also changed the course of human history! The oldest known living golden retriever is August (or “Augie”).

Augie is the first golden to live to the ripe old age of twenty. A significant number of goldens have reached the age of 17, or even to 18 and 19. Even at her elderly age, Augie is in good health. Augie has had kidney problems for a while, so she isn’t nearly as nimble as she once was. Despite this, she can still move about easily and enjoys strolling around the yard.

It has not always been easy for Augie to live a long and eventful life. The adorable puppy was actually placed in a new home twice before she met her forever family. Bouncing from family to family must have been difficult, but it ended up being worthwhile.

Since Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt gave Augie her forever home and she has since lived with them and their other adorable little furbabies for six delightful years, Augie ultimately found herself precisely where she wanted to be. Augie loves her family so much, and it seems like faith had always planned for her to find them.

Thanks to Jennifer and Steve, Augie has so much joy in his life, and the past few years have been wonderful times of love and excitement. Along with having numerous furry siblings, she has also been fortunate to take part in numerous snuggling sessions, thrilling games of fetch in the pool, and cross-country road trips.

Senior dogs frequently have trouble finding homes, so Augie is overjoyed that Jennifer and Steve saved her and drastically changed her life. Augie’s success and ability to live to a record-breaking age of 20 are without a doubt due to their sincere love and care. We wish Augie and her family many more happy years together and are incredibly pleased for her.

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