Meet Midas, The Charming 4 Eared Cat That Was Rescued As A Baby

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Meet Midas, an adorable cat, born with 2 sets of ears that is going viral online

Midas, a cat with 4 ears who comes from Turkey already counts 19,300 followers on Instagram, having actually simply created her account 3 weeks ago.


The four-eared four-month-old Russian Blue cat invests most of her time cuddling with the family’s two Labradors as well as playing and napping.


Not just do her ears make her unique looking, but she also has a white patch in the shape of a heart on her belly.



The cat’s owner has been documenting just how Midas is acclimating to life at home. The feline, pictured, used to be a roaming Midas’s Instagram has almost 40k followers, and it was just created three weeks ago!


Midas appeared on Instagram 3 weeks week after she was adopted by Canis and her companion.



Her mother, that was a stray cat, brought to life Midas and her six brother or sisters in a garden that came from a friend of Canis, that took the kitten on.



Midas has actually been settling well in her brand-new home, often located napping in her bed or playing with her siblings and toys.


” She is a very playful cat. However extremely friendly also,” claimed Canis.” sleeps all day and is awake all night.”

” She enjoys to sleep on my chest or shoulder. She likes to have fun with yarns, (we have loads of them because of my business), she steals them and conceals them somewhere we might never discover.”

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