Meet One Of The Rarest Dogs In The World, A Pink Pug Named Milkshake

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Have you ever seen a pink dog in your life? If you haven’t, then you should be ready to meet “Milkshake.” She is one of the less than 100 pink pugs in the world!

If you haven’t smiled today, then you would when you see Milkshake. This little pug is irresistibly adorable. Milkshake is a pink pug and she is one of the less than 100 albino pink pugs in the world. She has unique bright blue eyes, a pink nose, and pink fur and paws. She recently caught the attention of thousands of people on the internet.

She is so popular now that his Instagram has over 77,000 followers. And the moment you lay eyes on him, even in a picture online, you will understand why everybody loves him!

Her adorable face will instantly melt your heart. Her crystal blue eyes are irresistible. She almost looks like a baby doll. Milkshake is from London and is currently living the best life every pup could ever have. In his pictures online, you can see how he loves taking photos. There are pictures of him on a cute party hat, with pink donuts, as well as while she’s posing on her pink crib.

Aside from Milkshake, there are also other famous pink pugs online. Mister Cornelius is just one of them. He is also a famous pink pug. He suffers from a genetic condition, leucism, which makes him look identical to an albino pug. And like Milkshake, Mister Cornelius also has blue eyes. He and his best friend, Bowie the black pug, have their own Instagram account with 39, 400 followers.

So what do you need to know about pink pugs?

Pink pugs are considered to be one of the most ‘Instagrammable Dogs’ these days. They are rare dogs with cream-colored coats instead of the usual pug colors. And that is because they lack pigment on their skin and hair, and that is why they are considered as albino pugs.

They look like the typical pug – distinctive curled tail and short-muzzled face. The difference is that, their fur has an almost blonde color and they have incredibly pale skin.

Pink pugs are extremely rare and that means they are also sold for thousands of pounds. Reportedly, Kerry Katona, an English singer, and songwriter have spent over £15,000 on this designer pup. She was seen with her pink pug multiple times.

Yes, it is fancy to own a pink pug. But it will not be easy since they have special needs. One of the problems that albino dogs can have is their sensitivity to light. According to Pugs Home, albino pugs have a complete lack of melanin in their irises. And that means that they can be very sensitive to direct sunlight. Even camera flashes can severely irritate and cause pain in their eyes.

And this lack of pigmentation on their skin makes them susceptible to sunburn. Those who pwn albino dogs need to take extra care when exposing their pooches to sunlight. That is why albino dogs need to be walked after dark.

Owning albino dogs will never be easy. So if you are thinking of having one, make sure that you know everything about pink pugs. Again, they need extra care and attention because of their special needs.

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