Meet Storm, Haflinger Horse With A Unique Hairstyle

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Haflinger is known among all other horse breeds for its long and beautiful mane, beautiful coat and gentle temperament. All of them are great, but Haflinger, named Storm in the Netherlands, has won the hearts of horse lovers around the world with her sleek, long mane that looks like Rapunzel!

Naomi Beckers is the owner of Storm, a 10-year-old mare. She opened an Instagram account where she was able to post all the beautiful pictures that all of us horse lovers could admire.

Naomi knew that her horse was so unique and beautiful, but didn’t expect all the likes and reactions from people, and was surprised by all the followers her horse gathered at once.

In a short period of time she has gained more than 51,000 followers and her page continues to grow day by day.

Now people can’t get enough of this horse beauty, so they ask Naomi to post a photo of Storm every day. As you can see in the picture, Naomi seems to spend a lot of time caring for Storm’s looks. Of course, she pays special attention to the golden locks that reach the floor straight.

We want someone to take care of our hair like Naomi for Storm. We think they look like twins when posed together, and to prove it, we’re posting some of Storm’s most amazing photos with her owner Naomi.

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