Michigan Deputies Safely Recovered 4 Month Old Baby In Woods

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Sometimes it is a mystery how a parent can neglect their own child, especially if the baby is still an infant. Even those who do not have children are aware that babies still need their mom or dad. They do not yet have the capacity to fend for themselves.

Still, we hear plenty of stories over the internet of babies being dumped or left for others to find. And sadly, some are left at places where it would be too difficult to notice a baby. One instance happened recently in Michigan.

According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, the deputies were shocked to find a 4-month-old baby face down in a wooded area in Michigan.

Neighbors reported a woman hiding in bushes and ringing residents’ doorbells. Middle school employees also reported a frantic woman pounding on the locked doors of the school.

After receiving two calls, the investigators quickly responded at around 8:30 a.m. According to reports from the Sheriff’s office, the woman allegedly thought that she was being chased by someone armed with guns.

Thankfully, the deputies found the woman. She already had fled the area by the time officers arrived. After interviewing the 37-year-old woman, officials determined that she may have had an infant with her. They also noticed that she had burrs on her pants which is a possibility that she might have been in “a field or wooded area” near Waldon and Joslyn roads.

Thirteen sheriff’s patrol cars responded to the area. Deputies also used a drone and K-9 to search for the child. Deputies estimated the best location where the mother may have been. They started with a one-mile search grid which includes the woman’s home and the places where people have seen her. Thirty minutes into their search the deputies found him in a wooded area, facedown on the banks of a creek, but breathing.

The baby was in a hypothermic state. The deputies removed his wet clothing and wrapped him in warm blankets. He was reportedly taken to a local hospital, St. Joseph Mercy for further medical treatment and observation. The child needed to be observed overnight and is already under the care of child protective services.

It is unclear how long the infant had been in the woods. But the deputies believe this case may involve prescription drug abuse. A warrant is being sought for the mother’s arrest on suspected child abuse.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard said, “Thankfully, deputies were able to determine a baby was missing, which triggered an immediate large response and search, and they were able to locate the child. Their quick work avoided what could have been an unspeakable tragedy.”

Since the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office has shared this story on their Facebook page, it quickly went viral. It received thousands of comments, shares, and reactions. People are outraged at how someone could have done this to a baby while others are praying for the infants’ safety. Some also praised the deputies for a job well done.

Thanks to the neighbors who quickly called the authorities and also to the deputies who immediately acted and did everything they could to find the baby. If not for their quick thinking, we know that there is very little chance that the baby could’ve survived hypothermia.

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