Mom and Daughter Runs Into A Problem After Buying A Home From Savings When Squatters Refuse To Leave

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Mom and Daughter Runs Into A Problem After Buying A Home From Savings When Squatters Refuse To Leave

Each of us dreams of the day that we will be moving into our own homes. A property that we have bought with the hard-earned money that truly belongs to us. That is the same plan that is finally coming true for this mother and daughter.

Jen Larsen and her mother, Donna Edmonds, were buying a home from their own savings. And it was the best decision that they had agreed on. Due to the pandemic, Larsen and Edmonds find it impractical to keep renting a house when the rates are going up.

In an interview with Fox 5 Las Vegas, Jen said, “My mom and I decided to buy a house together about two months ago because both of our rents were going to go up dramatically, about $500 apiece.”

It was not easy for them to produce the money right away, but they were very excited as they are opening a new chapter of their lives. Larsen and her three children together with Donna will be sharing this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home.

Donna said, “We scrimped and scraped the two of us to get this and we were so excited.”

They were able to get the 2,700+ square foot house located in Leadville Meadows Drive. They love the neighborhood since it’s quiet and peaceful, perfect for a family their size. And to top it all off, the house was big!

It was their dream home. However, when they were ready to move in, their dream turned into a nightmare…

According to Jen, the seller asked for a huge favor from them. They requested another seven days to completely vacate the home. The people who used to live there said that they needed the money for their move out. Jen understood the situation and agreed to help.

She made sure that this change was written down on paper for future reference. It’s just seven days so it wasn’t that much of a big deal for them. What they didn’t expect though was that, in those seven days, someone else moved into their home. And now, they refuse to leave!

On the property’s deed, it clearly shows that supposed to be, the closing date is March 4. They waited for another seven days upon the previous owners’ request. And when it was finally time for them to move in, they couldn’t despite having the documents proving that it was their home.

Teary-eyed, Donna said, “I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s been really, really stressful.”

When FOX5 got a copy of the eviction notice and went to the home to get the other side of the story, they were able to prove that there was indeed someone living in that house. There were lights inside. There’s a bicycle in the driveway and they tried to talk to anyone but no one answered the door.

And as the news team was just leaving, a man and a woman pulled into the driveway in a blue truck. The reporter for Fox5 went to them to ask about the home and the man simply stated that he was just visiting and doesn’t want to be on camera.

Later on, the woman they saw with the man on the blue truck reached out through an email to Fox5. She explained that she is the one occupying the house and has every right to do so. She also claims that she has a legal lease from the previous owner until July 2.

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