Mom And Dog Get Into The Car And Start Singing While Michael Jackson Plays On The Radio

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“Everything gets better when the music plays. This is the best way to show love because it evokes strong emotions that capture the soul and inspire life. And when you find out that animals really love music, you’ll know that this particular song will stand the test of time!

Melissa’s rescue dog, Honey, likes to sing along to the melody. Michael Jackson’s hit “Will You Be There” was on the radio a few months ago while driving through Humboldt County and Honey couldn’t help but sing along! It goes without saying that the King of Pop is Hani’s favorite artist, right?

There is nothing to discuss whether she can sing or not. She loves singing so much and no one can tell her to be quiet when she sings with all heart! MJ was not only the king of pop, he was the king of all hearts, loved by men and women of all ages and, obviously dogs all over the world. Who would have thought this would happen?

Music should be the best way to express love. It’s a unique way to touch the soul, inspire it and give it a feeling you’ve never felt before. Our animals can’t tell you how they feel, but  Honey really seems to show Melissa how she feels! Amazing.”

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