Mom Texted Her 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Teacher After The Dog Behaved Strangely

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When Sadie was born in 2012, her parents expected a healthy baby. They had no reason to think that wouldn’t be the case. But only a few seconds after her birth, Sadie’s parents realized that something was in serious trouble.  Sadie’s mother, Michelle, saw her daughter taken to another hospital for the care she needed to survive.

A week later, they learned that Sadie had Down Syndrome. After spending two months in the intensive care unit, they were finally able to take her daughter home. But their happiness was short-lived. Only a few months later, Sadie was admitted to the ICU for heart surgery. Michelle wrote in Go FundMe when she found out she had type 1 diabetes.

Parents fought hard to control Sadie’s blood sugar levels. If they are too high or too low, they can be life-threatening. It was always a concern until one day they took their new family member, the Labrador Hero.


Everyone knows that dogs have a great smell. But did you know that their smell is so good that you can tell if your blood sugar is dangerously abnormal? One day, Sadie was in the classroom at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills when the hero at her home began to behave strangely.

The hero, who is usually a very quiet dog, barked to the extent that Michelle was worried. She contacted Sadie’s teacher and asked if she could check her daughter’s blood sugar, the news channel KUTV reports. It was perfectly normal. But the hero continued to bark. Just 30 minutes later the teacher took another look at Sadie`s blood sugar level. It had sunk from 122 to 82.

If Sadie’s blood sugar gets too low, she could go into a coma. In the worst case, you might even die.Hero detected a threat from a distance long before it was registered. Hero’s trainer, KC Owens, explains that Labs’ noses have hundreds of thousands of receptors, making them the best candidates for this lifesaving task. No one knows exactly how the hero detected Sadie’s dangerous blood sugar while away.

Good luck. She is a true hero. I’m glad she did it.

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