Monster Cuts Off Poor Dog’s Legs To ‘Teach A Lesson’

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Dogs can be loving and adorable, but they can be naughty at times. But that is not enough reason to hurt a dog or any animal for that reason. And it is heartbreaking to think that anyone could have the heart to hurt an animal.

But it is a known fact that animal and pet abuse is very common up to this day. And sadly, even some of the developing countries have very lax laws when it comes to animal treatment.

One of the victims of animal abuse is this dog who lost all of his legs after the owners’ neighbor cut them off. The dog needed emergency veterinary treatment because of the severity of his wounds. But despite the pain, the brave pooch decided that this was not the end of the road for him.

Although many people thought that this dog will not be able to use its legs after the brutal attempt of the monster who cut them off, they were wrong. Amazingly, the dog will be able to walk again thanks to the prosthetic legs that were given to him!

Thankfully, an animal welfare group called Soi Dog Foundation responded immediately to the scene when a Thai dog was reported with its legs cut off in the most inhumane manner. The poor animal had been abused by his owners’ neighbors after he was caught chewing the neighbors’ shows. The dogs’ owner did try to pay for the damage but the neighbor decided to take matters into his own hands.

He decided to ‘teach the dog a lesson’ then attacked the pooch with a sword.

The Soi Dog Foundation did not waste any time and rescued the dog who now they named “Cola.” They brought him to the vets to get emergency treatment. Then they fitted him with a pair of prosthetic legs. Sure, they weren’t the best but they definitely helped Cola out a lot while he was still adapting to his new life.

Gill Daley, the founder of the Soi Dog Foundation immediately fell in love with Cola. she lost a leg too in an accident and she instantly knew that they would be perfect for each other. So Gill decided to adopt Cola. She knew that she had the patience that Cola needs while he is still getting used to his new legs. And thanks to Gill, Cola will now have a forever home.

Cola started using these prosthetic legs for some time until his surgeon would be able to get him an upgraded pair. And the news ones’ would be considered state of the art ‘blades’ that will let the pooch run and move around a little bit easier. And thanks to his new legs, his life would be much better despite the traumatic and painful experience that he had to deal with.

And his inspiring story was shared with the world and there was no question as to how it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Inside Edition shared his story on YouTube and many people expressed their outrage towards the monster who attacked the poor dog.

All of them are correct. Sometimes, no matter how difficult a dog can be, we are humans and we should have more patience and understanding towards them.

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