Mother Hen Transforms Into An Umbrella To Shield Her Chicks From Heavy Rain

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Like a human mother, a mother hen will do all in her power to safeguard her offspring.

A mother hen, a universally recognized symbol of maternal affection, will take care of her young, worrying about their nutrition and keeping a sharp watch out for strangers.

It shows the depths of a mother hen’s dedication and her readiness to put her children’s needs before her own. A mother hen and her young chicks are seen cuddling. The feathered mother extends her wings over her young during a heavy downpour, acting as a living awning for them. She, like many parents, doesn’t care if the rain soaks her feathers. All she cares about is making sure her kids are warm, dry, and content.

The person recording said: ,,This was taken at a local fish market during a period of severe rain, and it shows mother’s love in a natural way. A hen defending its young amid a downpour.”

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