‘NCIS Crossover’: Brian Dietzen Gets Fans Excited About Three-Hour Crossover Event

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Tonight is the big night for the three-hour NCIS crossover event, and NCIS: Hawaii star Brian Dietzen is just as excited as we are.

Following the disappointment of a postponement earlier this month, fans can now catch up on the saga during an all-NCIS Monday. Dietzen is also tweeting about the occasion.

“Tonight!! Three-hour #NCIS crossover event!” Three NCIS episodes. One night only. CBS, 7 p.m./8 p.m. “Do keep an eye out,” he wrote alongside two cast photos.

Dietzen appears in the first photo with fellow Hawaiian star Vanessa Lachey and Los Angeles star LL Cool J. Lachey is featured again in the second photo. Chris O’Donnell (LA) and Jason Antoon are also on the list (Hawaii).

The NCIS crossover was supposed to air on Monday, January 2. However, CBS postponed the premiere by one week. The reason for the rescheduling is unknown.

Most fans, however, are confident that tonight’s event will be worth the wait. People have been requesting a major crossover for years, even when other now-cancelled series in the franchise were airing. But it has never happened before.

“We are thrilled to finally have the long-awaited, first-ever NCISverse crossover to share with our devoted fans,” Amy Reisenbach, executive vice president of current programming at CBS, said in a statement. “The franchise’s popularity, longevity, and ongoing success are testaments to the immense talent of the casts and writing and producing teams who bring these shows to life.”

“They devised an exciting story for this epic three-hour event that creatively brings all three teams together for fans to enjoy in one night and beyond,” she continued.


The NCIS Crossover premieres at 7/8 C in Washington, D.C.

That “thrilling story” will begin in Washington, D.C., where agents from all the sister series will arrive ahead of the retirement party of a well-loved FLETC instructor. The instructor d1ed in an apparent suicide the night before the celebration.

However, the agents are not convinced that their friend and mentor would have committed suicide. So they investigate and conclude that foul play was involved.

The findings lead them to an NCIS: Hawai’i episode in which Agents Jane Tennant, Sam Hanna, and Jimmy Palmer are kidnapped while on the hunt for a mysterious hitman. Aldean Parker travels to the island to assist Tennant’s team in locating the missing agents. During his investigation, he discovers that the case is linked to a number of assassinations.

The conclusion finds the teams in a LA episode, where they learn that all NCIS agents are targets in the situation after discovering information on the dark web revealing that they each have a $200,000 bounty on their heads.

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