Nobody Wanted This ‘Grumpy Old Man,’ But Then Someone Came And Treated Him Like A King

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Nobody Wanted This ‘Grumpy Old Man,’ But Then Someone Came And Treated Him Like A King

Josh went to a shelter one day to look at a dog that he was applying for adoption. But the line was so long with people wanting to adopt that same dog. And then he noticed next to him was a little dog with no one waiting to apply. Nobody wanted the dog looking like a grumpy, old man.

But Josh immediately fell in love with this Pug-Pomeranian mix. So he decided to take him home instead and started treating him like a king.

After bringing Rocky home, he suddenly realized that the dog was just misunderstood all along. The dog had only recently had all his rotten teeth extracted, yet he still had a lot of life and love to share with everyone. Aside from that, he’s great and has a distinct personality that Josh wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Their story was shared on YouTube by GeoBeats Animals. According to Josh and Sophia, their lives would never be the same without Rocky in it. In fact, he is the reason why these two ended up together.

According to Josh, the shelter picked up Rocky on the side of the road when he was rescued. He was only half the weight that he should be. He was not eating well since all his teeth were rotten.

The day that Josh picked him up at the shelter, it was as if Rocky knew that he is going to be his new fur dad and he couldn’t be happier. Rocky just melted into his arms.

Sophia also shared that the moment she met Rocky, she immediately fell in love with him too. Their love for Rocky was probably the reason why Josh and Sophia ended up together. In fact, during their wedding, Rocky was their ring bearer.

Sophia shared, “Rocky was a part of our wedding. He was the ring bearer/the best dog. He did really well at the rehearsal dinner but the day of he got distracted by all of the people in the audience and was hoping that every person would give him a treat.”

She also shared that Rocky has a kid-like personality. He loves being held like a baby to the point that it puts him right to sleep. He also has unique traits, like he sleeps and dreams with his eyes open.

He does not like baths and he hates cats too. Also, every time they get back from their morning walk routine, Rocky developed this habit of rubbing himself along the hallways in their building, as if leaving a mark for other dogs to know that he was there.

Since Josh and Sophia love the outdoors, Rocky fell in love with it too. They used to go hiking when he was a bit younger. And despite his ability to bite because all his teeth have been removed plus his cute stature, he is very protective of his parents. He is always ready to take on any dog that crosses their path.

Rocky knows that his fur parents are living for him. He is aware that he can be as grumpy as he wants and Josh and Sophia will still treat him like a king. He knows that he will still get all the love and attention that he deserves.

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