Old Beggar Passed Away, But This Stray Dog Still Goes Find Food For His Close Friend

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Dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate animals, and the bond between a dog and its owner is a very special one. That’s why there are so many touching stories about dogs who are loyal to their owners that are shared on social media, leaving readers both moved and pitied.


Accordingly, the story of a stray dog ​​recently shared on Sohu (China) page has recently taken away the tears of many people. People in a small town in Shandong, China, in particular, frequently encounter a stray dog wandering around looking for food around people’s houses.

Because this dog is very gentle and has a lovely appearance, the dog is often given food by people and has become a familiar part of this neighborhood. Despite the fact that many people want to adopt the dog, no one has adopted so because of concerns that the dog may carry an infectious disease to humans. People saw a wild dog appear with the old beggar who lived under the bridge during the cold winter of last year.

Although the old beggar could not feed a stray dog ​​for a single day, he shared with him a shelter from the rain and wind, two miserable lives who relied on each other to warm each other and spent the cold winter together. It can be said that the dog is a very special companion of the old beggar; the old man is also noticed and given more money because of the appearance of the dog.


Things went on like that until one day, a guy living in this area accidentally discovered a stray dog ​​acting strangely. The dog constantly digs and begs for food from people, but he does not eat on the spot as dogs do instinctively. Instead, he decided to direct the food to the area beneath the bridge where he and the old beggar “lived.”


Days later, the boy also caught the dog doing the same, so he decided to sneak after him to see what happened to the dog. Surprisingly, the scene in front of him made the boy both shocked and sad as soon as he arrived. When the boy approached, he discovered the dog lying next to the old beggar, surrounded by food that the dog had brought back to the old man in recent days. Unfortunately, the old man had died and was unable to witness this scene.


Finally, after confirming that the cause of death was a cold complication, the guy had to contact the police to handle the scene, because the old beggar had no relatives, so the police side took over. The police had arranged and dispatched someone to handle the aftermath and transport the old man to be cremated.



Witnessing this whole scene, the wild dog seemed to understand what had happened. It moved quietly from one person to the next, collecting the remains of a human life. Soon after, there was no trace of the old beggar under the bridge, but the dog remained there with a sad expression on his face.



Because the dog’s situation was so pitiful, someone adopted him; however, a few days later, people noticed the dog wandering around under the bridge. He does not appear to have given up yet, but is always waiting for the old beggar to return.


The story of the dog and the old beggar in Shandong has touched many people, many people have left comments that :


“Dogs have always been our loyal and special companions.”



“This dog is very affectionate, but his companion is no longer with him.”



“Hopefully, the dog will be able to live peacefully in the love of its owner in the next life.”

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