Over 11 Hours Were Spent By A Dog Swimming To Find And Save His Owner

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A dog went fishing with his owner. They rode in a boat. Sadly, the boat flipped, and the dog lost his owner, according to pets.

The dog was not going to give up. The dog spent 11 hours swimming to locate and save his owner.
The dog had a strong will, but sadly his strength and feeling had been lost. He couldn’t stand by and watch as his owner drowned.

Thankfully, a man saw him. The dog resisted the man’s attempts to drag it out of the water. The dog re-entered the water by swimming. He was still searching, obviously.

The owner was saved thanks to the dog, and they are both safe and sound. The dog didn’t stop barking until a rescue crew arrived and plucked the owner from the water.

The dog proved that he is a devoted friend. He supported his owner and even risked his own life to save the dog. For their owners, dogs serve as protectors and angels.

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