Owner Confused When His Healthy Black Dog Turns To White

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This story speaks about a Labrador retriever called Blaze, who was black for his whole life but everything changed by time. The 10-year-old dog is happy and healthy as he loves playing and exploring the outdoors with Santeri Frilander, his parent, in Finland.

But one day, Frilander discovered a white spot-on Blaze’s ear. That was a turning point in his life as by months his fur started to be whiter. So, Frilander was worried and confused and decided to take Blaze to the veterinarian to know the reason.

The veterinarian told Frilander that his dog has a condition called Vitiligo that caused the fur or skin to loosen pigmentation by time. The good thing in this condition is that it doesn’t affect overall health but just the appearance.

Blaze’s photo went viral after it was posted on Facebook by getting more than 1,200 shares, 2,800 comments, and 32,000 likes. That made Blaze’s owner to create an Instagram account for him.

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