People Are Buying These Pet Snails That Are The Size Of Small Dogs

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If you have never seen a giant snail before, then prepare to be shocked! These are real giant snails that are roaming around the planet and many people are horrified by their existence. These snails are known as the Giant Land Snail of Africa. They are recently on the news headlines, making themselves known to others who have never met them yet.

These Giant Snails are now crossing the pond and Florida residents are living in fear of this hostile takeover. Can you ever imagine what to expect when you are confronted by these giant snails? No one would ever want to go outside and spend time with their kids or their puppies and end up being scared off by a giant snail in their backyard!

The adult snail is about 7 centimeters (2. 8 in) in height, and 20 centimeters (7. 9 in) or more in length. Its shell has a conical shape, and it is about twice as high as it is broad. The shell coloration is highly variable and dependent on the snail’s diet.

They are typically brown in color and the shell is banded. The shell of these giant snails are particularly tough and has the highest heavy metal content of any snail species. These Giant Land Snails are typically found in Tanzania and Kenya, but not anymore.

The snails are huge as the size of a person’s head and they can now be found all over the United States. They are thriving in humid areas which is why the southern part of the US is experiencing the increasing population of these giant snails. These giants are hungry for crops and gardens would not enough to sustain their needs. They are not picky eaters and for them, as long as there is no shortage of plants, they would survive.

You must be aware that they are ruthless about our properties. They can go so fat to eating the stucco of our homes if they feel that there are not able to access plants and they are still hungry.

Humans can also be responsible for this issue because of our level of carelessness. They created their own problems by releasing their own snails into the wild. Many people thought that these giant snails were already eliminated in 1975 but it was a surprise when they made a major comeback in 2011.

Even the Department of Agriculture in Florida is at a loss of these happenings. They are making the residents be aware of the outbreak of these snails and they never forget to remind people that these snails are very real.

Anyone who thinks that this is just science fiction should realize that this is a reality. But according to recent reports, these snail outbreak is being taken care of. Still, let us not be complacent. Always make sure that you are checking your surroundings for their existence.

The Giant Land Snails are illegal in this country but it cannot be avoided that some people would sneak them in for a variety of reasons. We are pleading everyone to please do not bring any of them back from your latest foreign country adventure. Once you are caught bringing these giant snails across the border, you can possibly face prison time and the sanctions will not be pretty.

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