Police Chief Adopted Abandoned Kitten And Now They Are Best Friends

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When you see an abandoned kitten on the side of the road, what would you do? For sure, many would be kind enough to bring the kitten to a shelter, or maybe keep it, but others will probably just turn a blind eye and wouldn’t want to do anything with the poor kitten.

When a man was driving down the Mocksville, North Carolina highway this July 2019, he hit some construction and got stuck in traffic. So he just sat inside his car, waiting. When he looked at the side of the highway, he noticed a tiny kitten staring back at him. It was clear that the kitten needed help. It was skinny and her front right paw was crooked.

He knew that if he did not do anything to help, there is a great chance that this kitten would get hit by a car. So instead of leaving, he got out quickly and grabbed the kitten. He then pulled her into his car. Then he drove her over to the nearest police station.

Thankfully, the police officers told him that they would look after the kitten. They even named her ‘Moxie.’

So they took the kitten to the vet. This is when they learned that her leg was not really broken. She was born with a bent paw. But it seems like the kitten is not even aware that something is wrong with her paw. The police officers then shared this story on Facebook. They shared a picture of the kitten with this caption:

“The vet feels VERY optimistic and we’ll be picking her up this afternoon. She received a clean bill of health and there were no broken bones: just a deformity. She was hungry/dirty but she’s going to be just fine! We will be fostering her back to health until we find a safe loving family for her.”

After the vet, the officers brought Moxie back to the police station. Here, she met the station’s resident cat – Sergeant Butters.

Butters was also a stray cat who wandered up to the police station in 2018. The officers also took him in and nursed him back until he was better. The officers then started to look for a foster home for Moxie. While doing that, Moxie got to stay at the police station. She loved to hang out with the officers as well as with her new friend, Butters.

The little kitty was so fond of Police Chief Reagan. Moxie loved to hang out on his desk and ‘help’ him with his work. While the two spent more time together, the Chief fell in love with this adorable kitten. So he decided that he didn’t want to give her up.

Police Chief Reagan officially adopted her!

To inform everyone, the officers posted an update on Facebook. They wrote: “Thank you to everyone who inquired about adopting Pawfficer Moxie. We couldn’t bear to see her go too far, so Chief Reagan & his family have adopted her into their home!”

When the Chief brought Moxie into her new home, she quickly settled in. she also got along well with Reagan’s dogs. Moxie will also be training to be a therapy cat at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center. Moxie is a cute cat with an adorable personality. For sure, she will be a great therapy cat!

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