Poor Bullied Teen With Rare Genetic Condition Forms An Amazing Bond With Stranger

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A Boy With Goldenhar Syndrome Found Friendship In A Complete Stranger

Having a disability should not be a hindrance to find true friends who will care and love you unconditionally. But finding a friend can be a challenge, especially to young children with disabilities. Some kids may see them as a different person, but in reality, all of us are the same. We are dying for attention, care, and love from other people.

Austin Niehus, a teenage boy from Colorado was having a problem blending in with his peers. He is suffering from a rare congenital condition called Goldenhar Syndrome. He may have the unconditional love and support from his family, but he is also dying to meet and be friends with kids his age.

This has been an ongoing issue ever since he was little, but everything changed when a visitor came to visit their snowy Colorado home.

Austin’s Goldenhar Syndrome

Goldenhar Syndrome or “Oculo-Auriculo-Vertebral (OAV) Syndrome” is a rare congenital disease that has affected 2 in a million children all over the world. This congenital defect is characterized by an incomplete development of certain body parts like the ears, nose, soft palate, lip, and the mandible. This can also cause a craniofacial birth defect of the face and the head.

In general, Goldenhar Syndrome can cause a great impact on the person’s physical appearance. Because of this, it became a huge problem for 15-year old Austin and his family. His unique appearance became the trigger for him to be bullied at such an early age. He found it hard to find friends at school since when he is continuously teased and taunted because of how he looks.

Even though his family is showering him with love and affection, Austin also longs to meet others with the same condition as his. But because this condition is very rare, the chances of meeting someone with Goldenhar Syndrome are slim. But one day, everything changed for Austin. At last, he will meet a girl who is also suffering from the same health condition.

Austin Meets His Other Two In A Million

A video of Austin meeting his new friend Elena Schefer became viral. Their story was shared on TLC and eventually became an inspiring video on Youtube. As seen in the video, Austin is excited as he looks out the window. Though it’s cold and snowy, he knows that a surprise will be driving by their front door anytime soon.

Austin, his siblings, and together with their mom Kera are excited when they see an approaching car. “I think they’re here. Let’s go look,” Kera said.

Before the car stopped, Austin is already on his feet, too excited to meet his new friend. As soon as two boots-clad feet emerged from the opened door, his mother whispered, “Oh my God. Here she comes. ” Austin approached Elena without a second thought and gave her a big hug.

The two immediately connected, asking each other how they were. Elena was introduced to the whole family, while Austin was introduced to Elena’s cute dog, Tuki.

Austin And Elena – Taking A Stance On Bullying

Elena’s visit was not a coincidence. She raised money to sell heart in bottle products on her Elena Grace Shop to raise funds in order to visit her other Two in a Million, Austin. Aside from that, she also wanted to travel the world and educate people about how their differences can become an asset rather than a challenge.

Now, these two in a million teenagers, Austin and Elena are on a feat fighting against the challenge of bullying all across the globe.

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