Pregnant Cow Jumps Off Truck While Going To Slaughterhouse In An Effort To Save Baby

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The cow, Brianna, was substantially pregnant when she and the other cows were placed into a truck and driven to the slaughtering.
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She made a leap of faith and leaped from the moving vehicle in the middle of the busy motorway because she realized that going to the slaughterhouse would be “game over” for her and her unborn child.

When the police arrive, Brianna is afraid by the light and the noise and refuses to cooperate because she needs help. After the police arrive, there are some hunting animals and a rush to Skylands Animal Sanctuary Rescue.

When the sanctuary’s vet found that Brianna was expecting, he was worried about the health of the unborn child because she had had several wounds during her fall from the truck and the traffic chase, and complications during birth were almost certain.

Much to the relief of the veterinarian, Brianna went into labor two days after being rescued and gave birth to a healthy female calf named Winter. The sanctuary claims that Winter’s birth was a miracle and guarantees that she will always be with her mother. We are motivated by Brianna’s fierce maternal spirit and commitment to safeguarding her child in the face of difficulty. We hope they live a long and happy life!

See how Brianna avoided her doom and fought for assistance in traffic in the video below!

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