Puppy Abandoned In The Woods With All Of His Belongings Waits For Weeks For Someone To Take Him Home

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When his owner abandoned him in the woods with some of his belongings, Hank had no choice but to stay in the same spot for weeks in the hope that someone would eventually find him. He was only eight months old and his life was already looking bleak. But there is a happy ending to his story!

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan noticed Hank and approached him. The sweet puppy was so heartbroken that he didn’t know how to react, so he sat still. He was surrounded by some of his toys, some food, and a bed. On top of that, one of his legs was broken.

The photo taken by the kind-hearted person who found him shows how desperate poor Hank was!

When the Good Samaritan who found him realized the dog was in critical condition, he took him to the nearest vet in Florida. While everyone feared Hank would be aggressive, they soon discovered how gentle and sweet he was.

Finally, Hank was taken in by Humans and Animals United, a non-profit that hopes to find him a forever home soon. They described him as one of the sweetest puppies they’d ever dealt with in a Facebook post.

The post asks readers to “Please welcome the boy left in the woods.” Hank is a sweetheart to the core. At only eight months old, the puppy has already experienced a lot. His tail began to wag as soon as he realized he was being taken to the veterinary clinic.

Hank’s abandonment in those woods is, however, inexplicable given how sweet he is.

Humans and Animals United wrote, “We cannot comprehend why anyone would abandon him with a broken leg. “Left him in the woods with his bed, toys, and food. Please know that Hank is now safe and won’t ever be hurt again, whoever you are.

Thank goodness, there are still a lot of kind people out there because one of them found Hank and saved his life! Let’s hope he soon finds a devoted family and a calm home, as he rightfully deserves!

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