Puppy Reunites With Cow That Raised Him When He Was Abandoned As A Baby

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We all know that animals have the capability to show their true emotions, especially our furry friends. They jump and wag their tails when they’re excited and happy, they growl when they’re angry or feel protective of you, and you can see in their eyes when they’re sad. They feel more emotions that we think they do.

Seeing them build a unique relationship with animals of other species is not new to us. Some dogs can live with cats or rabbits. In fact, a dog formed a very close bond with a cow who acted like a mom to this pup. However, their bond was put to a test when the cow was about to be sold off.

The dogs’ owner witnessed this very strange yet inspiring relationship. Rookie was a small and energetic pup. He loved to run and play around. He also loved his human family, but more than that, he loved to be around his favorite companion – a large, brown cow.

This cow became Rookie’s ‘mother.’ She would lick his burgundy coat and would nuzzle him. There are times when Rookie would even sit or sleep on her back. She doesn’t mind because she likes spending time with him too. They became very close friends. They would drink water together and would sleep next to each other. Nothing could keep them apart.

That is until it came for the cow to be sold off…

The owner decided that they do not have the money to keep and maintain two cows. One of them should be sold off and this is Rookie’s ‘mom. ’ When the cow was taken away, Rookie became very emotional. He would howl and bark.

Sadness is obvious in his eyes. The dog became miserable. In fact, there are times that he would step over the threshold and howl, maybe hoping that his ‘mom’ would be able to hear him and come back to him.

When he heard his mom’s moo, he ran down the street. His owner tried to call his name but he did not listen. All he focused on was his mom’s cry, tried to follow where the sound was from until he got to where she was tied up in another stall.

Rookie jumped for joy, licking and pawing her face. The owner followed the pup and carried him in his arms. He even scolded him for running off. His owner carried him back home, once again separating Rookie from his mom. All the way to the house Rookie was yipping and barking.

Little did Rookie know that his owner realized that they have to keep the cow for Rookie’s sake. He can’t stand seeing the dog sad. Even though they can’t afford to keep the cow, they would just to keep Rookie happy.

Rookie and the cow’s close relationship is a true picture of genuine love between animals, just like us humans.

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