Rescue Dog With Sad Past Happily Welcomes Her Grandfather, Waited 70 Days For Him To Return From The Hospital

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Cacao has a sad past where she was rescued from a farm, but she came into the hands of people who erased her suffering, that’s why she waited for weeks for her beloved grandfather to return.

It is not for nothing that dogs are considered man’s best friend and they would do anything to care for and make their loved ones feel loved. A girl named Fernanda Depinê shared through social networks the story of how her dog , rescued from an illegal farm, waited for 70 days for her human grandfather , who remained in a hospital.

Cacao got excited every time someone arrived because she was hoping it was that man she loved, but it took more than two months to arrive at that magical moment. The dog has refused to be separated from Fernanda’s father since his return.

Dog waits for her human grandfather for months.

Fernanda, who lives in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, told how her dog waited for her grandfather for weeks without giving up hope.
According to the story on social media, his father was intubated about a year ago in a critical condition with little chance of recovery, but from home, his three-year-old puppy Cacao did not stop missing him, waiting for the moment to meet him again.

Cacao looked out the window every time someone came to the family home, hoping that her favorite human would finally arrive, but it was mostly Fernanda who promised her that she would return.

“He was in the hospital for 70 days, and she waited with him the entire time… I remember promising her that no matter how long it took, I would bring “Nono” back. And I kept my word!” Fernanda stated

But the moment came when everything came together to reunite these two, who showed how much they loved each other with hugs and kisses. The dog was overjoyed to finally see her grandfather; her little tail did not stop moving as the moment she had been waiting for arrived. Despite his failing health, that man continues to lavish affection on Cacao and his other four puppies, whom he adores.

“He, despite all the limitations he has acquired after being intubated for so long, is still right to sit with the girls in the sun” Says one of the shared posts

Cocoa’s tragic past

According to Fernanda’s public statements, the dog was rescued from a secret farm where she was kept in deplorable conditions, fed cucumber and corn, and kept in a birdcage with pneumonia.
According to an interview with Amo Meu Pet, this owner stated that on the dog’s first birthday, they received the wonderful news that the place where the dog was kept had closed and those responsible had been arrested and fined.
This dog and her family now have a wonderful life filled with love and respect. We hope Fernanda’s father overcomes any health challenges and that his dog, Cacao, continues to look after him.

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